What Is Boho and How Did this Style Originated?

March 07, 2018

What Is Boho and How Did this Style Originated?

What is Boho?

Boho is an abbreviation for bohemian and is originated from the bohemian, hippie and gipsy influences in the 1960s and 1970s. The Bohemians are a type of people who live unconventional lives and consider themselves free spirits. The original bohemians were mostly travellers from central Europe, hence the French word bohemian, actually means ‘gipsy’. Bohemians are closely related to both the hippies and gipsies who live similar lives. If we would dive deeper into history, we would find some differences how these three lifestyles originated. However, nowadays these terms and lifestyles are quite interchangeable and are often referred to as Boho.

What is Boho Style?

Boho style also referred to as boho-chic, is the type of fashion born from the bohemian, hippie and gipsy influences. It became especially popular in 2005 in most parts of London and many stores started to offer boho style fashion to anticipate on this increasing demand.

Boho style is characterised by long loose dresses, ruffle skirts, peasant blouses and t-shirts. The clothing is often quite colourful and layered. The accessories that come with the style are often fringed bags and beaded, tassel or ethnic style earrings and necklaces. Many who wear boho style fashion live unconventional lives, hence why most nomads wear Boho clothing and accessories.

What is Boho Style Home Decor?

Now that we have explained what boho is and how we define it, we would like to shed some light on what boho style home decor is. The key terms what define boho are colourful, loose, and unordinary. This is reflected in the styling of a home as well. A mix of colourful and natural cushions, rugs, wall hanging, and other decor accessories. Others who can’t appreciate the boho style often find boho homes sloppy and find that there is ‘too much going on’. The styling is far from a systematic decor styling. Real bohemian lovers find that ‘sloppiness’ is actually very cosy, especially when snugging away on the couch in a pom pom blanket with multiple scented candles burning.. right?

At Seeya Collection, we are fascinated by boho style accessories, bags, and home decor. The style can be so diverse, which allows you to decorate and redecorate your home in many different ways to create new looks every single time.

In one of my upcoming blogs, I will share more about some boho inspiration to create many different looks for your home.. Stay tuned!

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